Boris Semizorov
Boris Semizorov www.colorika.cz

Tomáš Nimmerrichter
Tomáš Nimmerrichter atomrtc.com

Jakub Blatný
Jakub Blatný www.fntc.cz

David Lörincz
David Lörincz www.davidlorincz.cz

Judita Formáčková
Judita Formáčková www.hypermedia.cz

Jan Kantorek
Jan Kantorek www.mlynkojetin.cz

Ing. Zdeněk Zlysek
Ing. Zdeněk Zlysek www.zlysek.cz

Pavel is a great businessman who always comes up with the best solution. He will really boost your business. A huge thank you from the RASHMI tearoom team!

Paprsek Rashmi
Paprsek Rashmi www.vasecajovny.cz

Professional approach. Really quick communication and great ideas. Thank you for your patience too!

Daniel Fuglevič
Daniel Fuglevič www.speedempire.cz

Perfect cooperation, 100% satisfaction and professionalism. The project and the price was exactly as we agreed.

Lukáš Michovský
Lukáš Michovský kuponka.cz

All good. Quick and pleasant cooperation with many more to come.

Milan Šudoma
Milan Šudoma www.delaweb.cz

Quality work on two projects. The expertise, the wide range of knowledge and the creativity are the things which I valued the most.

Lucie Marková
Lucie Marková www.test-learn.com

Perfect cooperation! I am fully satisfied. Pavel delivered the final project in advance and during the whole time he communicated really quick.

Taras Tary Povoroznyk
Taras Tary Povoroznyk www.tarycamp.cz

We have already cooperated on many projects up to this day. Flawless communication and fast solution to our problems.

Kateřina Lébrová
Kateřina Lébrová www.hypermedia.cz

Pavel is a very flexible guy who is a real specialist in his area.

Jan Brunec
Jan Brunec www.webdevel.cz

Pavel is fast, reliable and great to communicate with. He follows the latest trends, so he always comes up with the ideal solution. I would definitely work with him again.

Jakub Trpiš
Jakub Trpiš www.uspesne.eu

Quick communication and creative solutions. I can definitely recommend.

Bc. Vít Rybák
Bc. Vít Rybák www.zethadesign.cz

Flawless cooperation on many projects - quick pace, reliability, perfect communication, great flexibility - DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!

Radim Suchánek
Radim Suchánek www.quizzy.cz

I have been cooperating with Pavel since 2008 and I intend to continue doing so for many years to come.

Kamil Übelauer
Kamil Übelauer www.ubefoto.cz